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This website was designed as a free information service to help men be more informed about their bodies and their overall health.  It discusses often difficult to ask questions in a professional and straightforward way.  Hopefully men will find the information they are seeking so they can improve the conversations they with their individual healthcare providers. In addition, this site is designed to assist healthcare providers with often difficult to find information.  Finally, this site is also for parents, mentors, religious leaders, and counselors who may have questions posed to them by men facing questions or even disorders with depression, pornography addiction, reproductive symptoms, and reproductive disorders. 


This website contains over 100 different male topics clustered under the category headings below.  Click on any of these links or type in your topic in the search bar to start learning more about men's health:

This website is a free service.  To prevent inappropriate content from surfacing, there are no pop-ups, so individuals can navigate this website without the worries of inappropriate content surfacing.  Because this website contains information on reproductive/sexual functions and disorders, we ask that those under the age of 18 please view this site with a parent or guardian.

In addition illustrations and images on this website are professional in nature.  Images of the male reproductive system are confined to illustrations.  However, since photo images of certain conditions involving the male genitals may be useful, links are available to forward those interested in getting an actual visual reference to medical images found on trusted medical websites and in medical studies.  

Disclaimer - The information contained on this website is general in nature and is not intended as a final, definitive diagnostic reference.  If anyone reading this site feels they have a physical or mental condition that warrants treatment, they should seek their own healthcare or mental health professional that can assess their specific condition and needs.  Likewise, healthcare professionals should not use this is the sole or final resource when treating any condition.  Before acting on any treatments outlined, the latest evidence should be researched and applied and recommendations should be validate with other reputable sources.  Conflicts in the literature, omissions, and variance in professional opinion are all inherent in a work such as this and a "one-size-fits-all" approach does not apply.  There are no guarantees and Men's Health Handbook, nor it's contributors shall be responsible for any damages, costs, or legal matters that may arise from actions taken based on the information contained herein.  


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