About Us


  1. To help men understand their body better and answer questions that can either put their mind at ease or prompt them to discuss a concern with a healthcare provider

  2. To help healthcare professionals better understand men’s health issues from an evidence-based standpoint to improve the quality of life for the male patients they treat

  3. To help family, friends, mentors, religious leaders, and others that may be able to influence men, to address men’s health concerns whether physical or mental





Men's Health Handbook was developed by Dr. Rance Hutchings.  Dr. Hutchings received his Doctor of Pharmacy Degree from the University of Washington in 2000.  He went on to receive his advanced practice license and is currently licensed as a Pharmacist Clinician.  He has specializing in men’s health, mental health, and sexual addiction disorders for over a decade. 

He has been a physician educator for 20 years and has taught men’s health, mental health, and sexual addiction in the community, clinic, and university settings. 

Dr. Hutchings has a unique perspective and sat on both sides of men’s health discussions.  He has been the patient and has personally experienced many of the disorders outlined on this website.  He has also been the clinician and assisted men in getting treatment for men’s health issues.  Since he has been both the patient and the healthcare provider, this book tends to address men’s health issues from two views - the patient (“Average Joe”) and the healthcare professional tasked with helping him improve his health.