Pornography Addiction

This section reviews pornography and masturbation addiction from a medical standpoint.  It also covers mental and physical conditions that often accompany such addictions including ailments common in addiction recovery.  

Masturbation Addiction - Reviews masturbation as an addiction and some rates on how difficult overcoming masturbation addiction can be.

Pornography Addiction Background - Reviews the incidence of pornography addiction and gives some background to help other understand pornography addiction better.

Porn With Masturbation - Reviews how masturbating while viewing pornography takes the addiction to a more entrenched level.

Addiction Is A Disease - Reviews an in-depth reviews of brain chemistry to explain why pornography and masturbation addiction are not just behavioral issues but a physical disease that should be treated as such.

Stages of Addiction - Reviews the different stages of pornography/masturbation addition to assist men in seeing progress in their recovery..

Overcoming Pornography/Masturbation Addiction - Reviews  suggestions for overcoming addiction.

Mental & Physical Impact of Pornography - Reviews physical and mental health issues that men who view pornography often face.  In addition, it reviews certain issues that men face as they try to abstain from pornography and masturbation as part of addiction recovery.