Double Penis

It is possible for a boy to be born with two penises.  However, this is extremely rare and occurs in about 1 in 5.5 million boys.[i]  This rare condition is called penile duplication or diphallia.  This disorder typically occurs during the 23rd to 25th week of gestation when the penis is developing.  As stated earlier, three columns of erectile tissue form to create a normal penis.  During the 23rd to 25th week, an injury to the penile area or a chemical signal may cause the tissue that will become the penis to separate into two different structures.  In some cases; the boy will have two distinct penises, each with a urethra, while other boys may have a smaller penile structure growing off the main penis.  The two penises may be side by side or one on top of the other.  Click HERE to see an example. 

In most cases, surgery is performed to remove one of the penises (usually the most underdeveloped) so the main penis can grow normally.  In other cases, where the penis appears to have been split in two during development (one with some erectile columns and the other with the rest of the erectile columns), the two structures may be surgically joined together to make a “normal” three-columned penis. 

Some boys with duplicate penises also have other abnormalities of the genitals, pelvic, and/or abdominal structures which often require surgical correction as well.[i][ii]  For example; boys can be born with not only two penises but duplication in other organs, such as two scrotums, each with two testicles, two bladders, or even two anuses.  The different causes of duplicated penis require different approaches to surgically correct this issue.


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