Penis & Erections

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How Erections Occur - Reviews not only how the penis goes from flaccid to erect, but also outlines the various stages of attaining an erection.

Non-Sexual Erections - Reviews nocturnal (sleeping) erections, random erections, and non-sexual erections that won't go away and require medical treatment.

Erectile Dysfunction - Reviews causes of erectile dysfunction as well as treatment options on the market.

Normal Erection Size - Reviews size variations of the erect penis that fall within the normal range

Small Erection Size - Reviews erection sizes that fall below the normal range.  It also discuss issues some men who are within the normal range but smaller than average may wonder about.

Large Erection Size - Reviews erection sizes that are above the normal range.  It also discusses issues some men who are within the normal range but larger than average may be wonder about.

Erection Curvatures - Reviews causes and potential treatments for men who have a curvature of the erect penis

Erection Rotations - Reviews issues men may face if the penis rotates along its axis when erect

Erections Pointing Left/Right - Reviews erections that point right or left of center

Erections Pointing Up/Down - Reviews the upright positioning of erections and discusses disorders when erections point to upward thus inhibiting sexual intercourse or don't point upward

Erection Pain/Injury - Reviews causes of pain with erections