Foot & Toe Hair

There can be great differences as to where hear grows from one man to the next as you work your way down the lower legs.  The statistics for this particular section were not derived from the survey performed for this site which we have referenced in earlier sections.  Rather, it comes from a study performed in the 1960’s that specifically looked at leg and foot hair.[i]  This study only looked at two racial groups in the United States – African-Americans (black) and men of European descent (white). 


Many men don't grow hair on their feet.  If hair is grown on the feet, it is most often found on the upper ridge at the top of the foot.  It can also spread onto the lower foot near the toes and extend all the way to the outer foot in some me.

Feet Chart.jpg



The vast majority of men will have some hair on their toes.  Only 1% of white men and 5% of black men will have toes that have no hair. 

Hair can grow on two different knuckles - the knuckle closest to the foot and the knuckle closest to the toenail.  For some men, hair growth will occur on all toes, one toe, or some toes and not others.  In addition, hair may grow on just one knuckle or on both. 


Bottom knuckle hair occurs in 99% of white men and 95% of black men.  Hair can grow on any knuckle but it most commonly occurs on all five toes. 

Toes - Lower.jpg

Hair growing on the upper toe knuckle (closest to the toenail) is much less frequent.  In fact, 81% of whites and 90% of blacks will not have hair growing on this knuckle.  Hair never grows on this knuckle on the big toe because the nail takes up the most of the knuckle. 

Toes - Upper.jpg

[i] Setty, LR (1961). "A Comparative Study of the Distribution of Hair on the Hand and Foot of White and Negro Males". American Journal of Physical Anthropology. 25:131-8.

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