Gluteal/Buttocks Hair

More than three-fourths of men report having hair on the buttocks.  There are two main types of hair on the buttocks. 


The first is perianal hair.  Perianal hair is an extension of the pubic hair that spreads from behind the scrotum up through the natal cleft (crack of the buttocks).  Men often find that hair in the perianal area is coarse and long like scrotal hair. 


The second type grows on the glutes or cheeks of the buttocks.  It is shorter and less coarse, and actually resembles the hair growing on the upper legs.  In reality, this gluteal hair is often an extension of thigh hair rather than pubic hair.  


As with other body hair, Asian men were least likely to have hair on the buttocks while White/European men were most likely to have hair on the buttocks.

There are four main extents of hair growth on the buttocks:

  • Bare – no hair growth

  • Natal Cleft – hair confined in and near the crack of the buttocks

  • Partial Buttocks – some hair spreading onto portions of the glutes

  • Entire Buttocks – hair over the entire glutes and in the natal cleft

Gluteal Hair.jpg

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