Penis & Erections

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Penis Anatomy - Reviews detailed external and internal anatomy of the penis

Circumcision- Reviews the difference between penises that are circumcised versus not circumcised as well as how circumcision is performed in some healthcare settings.

Foreskin - Reviews the anatomy and personal hygiene care of the foreskin for uncircumcised men.

Foreskin Disorders - Reviews disorders that involve the foreskin

Excessive Penis Skin -  Reviews excessive foreskin as well as scrotal skin attaching to the penis shaft

Penis Bumps/Lesions - Reviews a variety of bumps and lesions that can be found on the penis.

Penile Cancer - Reviews the risk factors and signs of penis cancer

Urethra Abnormalities - Reviews abnormalities usually found at birth when the urethra is not found at the tip of the glans

Absence of Penis - Reviews instances where boys can be born without a penis or when obesity hides the penis.

Double Penis - Reviews the rare condition when a boy is born with two penises rather than one

Penis Pain/Injury - Reviews conditions that may cause pain and/or swelling of the testicles and scrotum