Pre-Ejaculate Abnormalities

Pre-ejaculate abnormalities typically surround the volume of pre-ejaculate fluid released (or not released).  



Low pre-ejaculate volumes are completely normal.  In fact, it is thought that about 1 in 25 men will not any release pre-ejaculate at all.  In men who don’t produce pre-ejaculate, it may be that the volume of pre-ejaculate is small enough that it doesn’t fill the urethra enough to “overflow” and come out of the tip of the penis.  However, it is most likely being produced and mixing with semen as it is ejaculated.




Some men worry that they only make a drop or two of pre-ejaculate.  This is completely normal. In fact, almost two-thirds of men produce fewer than three drops during sexual arousal.


On the other hand, large pre-ejaculate volumes have been described.  The term “copious pre-ejaculation” has been used to describe severe cases.  Although no studies have measured how much pre-ejaculate is released in men who suffer from this condition, case reports in medical literature indicate that some men have significant issues including reports of men who have difficulty going on dates since kissing or even holding hands can cause pre-ejaculate secretions that completely soak through not only their underwear but their outer clothing as well.  This amount of pre-ejaculate is not normal. 


Issues for men with copious pre-ejaculate are not limited to embarrassment in public, but may also include unacceptable “messiness” during foreplay or even difficulties with using a condom due to excessive pre-ejaculate inside the condom during intercourse.  Treatment typically isn’t necessary, but in some extreme cases, 5-alpha reductase inhibitors can be prescribed in order to help reduce pre-ejaculate fluid production.[i] [ii]  

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