Prostate & Reproductive Glands

Click on one of the following links to learn more about the prostate and other sexual glands and disorders men may experience.

Reproductive Gland Anatomy - Reviews detailed anatomy of the reproductive glands other than the prostate

Prostate Anatomy - Reviews the anatomy and functions of the prostate gland

Prostatitis -  Reviews bacterial infections and non-bacterial inflammation of the prostate

Pelvic Tension Disorder - Reviews pelvic muscle disorders and pelvic pain often resulting in sexual symptoms

Prostatic Congestion - Reviews congestion in the prostate due to excessive prostatic fluid

Triad of Prostate Symptoms - Reviews how prostatitis, pelvic tension disorder, and prostatiric congestion are interrelated.

BPH - Reviews urinary symptoms and treatments for benign prostatic hypertrophy often seen in older men

Prostate Cancer - Reviews symptoms, diagnostic techniques, and some treatments for prostate cancer

Cowper's Gland Disorders - Reviews disorders of the Cowper's (Bulbourethral) gland

Seminal Vesicle Disorders - Reviews disorders of the seminal vesicles